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Remember, Don’t chance it, check it!

Following the conclusion of Tyre Safety Month 2016, TyreSafe is reminding drivers Don’t chance it – check it throughout the year. While the number of reported casualties caused by tyre-related defects fell in 2015, on average over 1000 people a year are killed or injured from such incidents. In fact, that average number of casualties is higher than for faulty brakes and nearly double that for incidents causing injury where the driver’s use of a mobile phone was a contributory factor.

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Thousands fail MoT with faulty tyre systems

Thousands of British motorists are failing to maintain essential road safety systems on their vehicles and thereby endangering themselves and other road users around them. Data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, reveals nearly 20,000 cars failed their MoT due to faulty or defective Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) between April 2014 and March 2015. The fitment of TPMS became mandatory on all new passenger vehicles on 1st January 2015 and is designed to help drivers ensure their tyre pressures are correct while driving.

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