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Founded in 1872 by the young Giovanni Battista Pirelli, Pirelli & C. began diversifying its products well ahead of its time (producing insulated conductors for telegraph communications, submarine telegraph cables and a range of technical items), and investing in the promising automotive industry.

In the early 1950s Pirelli developed the revolutionary Cinturato radial tyre, still in production today, and also excelled in the cable industry, winning a contract to lay coaxial cables for the new long distance telephone network and Italian television communications.

Product innovation

In the 70s and 80s the "low profile" design revolutionised the very concept of the tyre, leading to the creation of the P7, a ground-breaking product for the industry.

In 1977 the first experimental telephone connection using fibre optic cable was made, and in '81 the first fibre optic telephone line was installed on the national network, between Padova and Mestre.

In 2002 Pirelli decided to deploy its industrial design expertise in the world of fashion, launching the PZero project. The name chosen for the apparel brand comes directly from the tyre invented in 1987.

Our environmental commitment

Environmental, social and economic sustainability, the best long-term strategy for our business. A journey, not just a goal.

We have always been directly committed to reducing the environmental impact of processes and products. To date sustainable management has been fully integrated in all our activities with all our stakeholders.

Focus on innovation

Electronic technology is one of the cornerstones of our Premium innovation strategy. Our innovative monitoring system for road haulage fleets has significantly enhanced both economic and environmental performance. The sustainability and quality standards required by European certification are a key priority for Pirelli. We are the first manufacturer in the world to make a tyre with double "A" certification, and we continue to produce tyres certified to the highest levels.

Buy Pirelli Tyres Online Buy Pirelli Tyres Online